Elim Estate, LB Southwark

Asset Fineline

Project: Elim Estate, LB Southwark
Client: Leathermarket JMB
Main Contractor: Standage & Co Ltd
Project Value: £250,000
Product type: Grey external / white internal PVC-u Tilt and Turn frames

JMB - Leathermarket

The Elim Estate was built in 1935 for the Metropolitian Borough of Bemondsey and has since the creation of the TMO for the area, been under the management of Leathermarket JMB within the LB Southwark.

London contractors Standage & Co Ltd selected Asset Fineline to undertake the window replacement project on behalf of Leathermarket JMB at Elim Estate having undertaken their own tender process to select the contractor with the necessary contract type experience and competitive bid.
The project comprised the replacement of 760 no. Grey Tilt and turn frames over a 19 week programme laid out by the contractor undertaking others works to the properties alongside the window replacement.
The project required a high level of resident consultation ensuring that standards and KPI’s laid out by the client were met.
The existing old PVC-u windows, installed in the 1990’s were removed which facilitated the use of the product recycling services offered by Asset Fineline as a result of being part of the Eurocell network. Old frames are removed and stored on site with regular collections returning them to the Eurocell processing facility in Derbyshire. Here they are dismantled and recycled into pellet material capable of being extruded into next generation frames and PVC-u products. This process can be repeated at least 10 times meaning that PVC-u has a minimum 350 year life cycle as stated by the BRE.
Each time PVC-u is recycled, the scientific behaviour of additives, such as impact modifiers, in the mixture changes. This means it gets stronger the first few times it’s recycled, meaning PVC-u can be re processed and used to manufacture products of equal quality, creating an ‘upstream’ recycling process.
PVC-u is up to 6% stronger when it’s recycled the first time. The next 4-5 times its recycled, it gets stronger but by a smaller amount each time. This ensures that the products created using recycled PVC-u are just as high quality, if not superior, to those created from virgin material. This significantly reduces the amount of end-of-life PVC-u going to landfill which can only be a good thing for the environment.
“This project was well managed from the outset by the whole team, the client was very pleased with the level of resident engagement and the quality of workmanship was excellent, Standage & Co are pleased to be associated with such a fine project alongside Asset Fineline.”

Scott Fincham, Managing QS for Standage

Key deliverables for project

  • High level of resident consultation
  • Recycling of existing PVCu frames
  • Meeting planning stipulations

  • Programme timetables
  • Working in occupied properties with vulnerable and disabled residents


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